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General & Operations Questions

We are open weekdays, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central time), and closed on Saturday and Sunday. Our soil yard is conveniently located just a few minutes south of downtown San Antonio at: 8449 Nelson Road, San Antonio, TX 78252.
Our customers visit us to pick up materials from all around the Greater San Antonio metro area, specifically all of Bexar County and parts of the seven counties surrounding it. We deliver locally, mostly within a 75-mile radius of our soil yard located about 10 min. south of downtown San Antonio.
Please call us at (210) 960-6440 during our office hours to receive personalized attention from our team members. If you leave us a phone message outside of office hours, be assured we will get back to you the next business day. Alternatively, you may email us at We strive to answer all emails within 24 hours of their receipt.
No appointments are necessary. However, to serve you better, we do encourage that you call us the day of (or day before) your expected arrival if you have a very large or complicated order. Contact us if you have questions.
We accept credit card payments over the phone; and cash, check credit card payments in person. The credit cards we accept are Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
Please go to our Testimonials page to read comments from customers.
Our team collectively has over 40 years of experience in this industry.
We enjoy educating our customers about how to use Second Nature’s soil enhancement products for a wide variety of landscape, garden and farmland situations. That's why we offer no-cost consultations to everyone. For small orders, we provide these consultations by phone, email, or (if your phone allows) Facetime video. For large and/or commercial orders, we also offer the option of in-person consultations at your home, office or farm. Contact us today to schedule a meeting.
We give bulk discounts for orders of 25 yards or more. Call us for a quote.
We do not have a minimum purchase threshold for onsite orders and pickup. However, for delivery within 30 miles, you must buy at least 4 cubic yards (1 or more materials in total). Beyond that, we're happy to deliver anywhere in quantities of 5 yards and above up to 75 miles. For orders traveling 75 miles or more from our yard, the minimum order is 8 cubic yards.
Second Nature products are sold “in bulk” as unbagged, loose material. Since this makes it cheaper than bagged products, we pass on those savings to you. Additionally, we are helping the environment by not adding more plastic landscape packaging waste to our local landfills.
Second Nature sells bulk landscaping solutions to a diverse customer base. We offer a wide variety of soil solutions to homeowners, retail adn commerical businesses, wholesale clients (e.g., those in the landscaping, homebuilding and architectural industries), and other "green industry" professionals. We also cater to the unique South Texas needs of small farms and large agricultural operations.
Yes, we partner with regional municipalities and other government entities seeking large-scale soil amendment solutions. Contact us for more information about our volume discounts and services.
We believe in giving back to our community by helping plants thrive in places we live, work and play. In 2022, are we donating landscape materials to one of our city's local treasures, the 33-acre San Antonio Botanical Garden, beloved by residents and vistors alike.

Product Questions

Second Nature produces and sells three kinds of high-quality soil amendments: compost, topsoil and mulch. These amazing materials all possess natural "green" power that keeps plants and green spaces beautiful, healthy and/or productive. These extremely clean, value-added products are formulated to work in every kind of soil condition found here in South Texas.
Each cubic yard of material will cover about 100 square feet to a depth of 3 inches (desirable depth). Use our online calculator tool to help you estimate what you need, or call us directly for help in this matter. If you don't use the calculator you can figure out your order this way: Measure the coverage area by multiplying its length X its width in square feet. For example, a bed measuring 10' X 30' = 300 sq. ft. 300 is now the magic number. For 3 inches of coverage, divide that number by 100 to get 3 cubic yards; that is how much material you'd order. For 2 inches of coverage, divide the number by 150; and for 1 inch of coverage divide the number by 300.
High-quality compost such as what we sell here at Second Nature has a multitude of benefits. It will:
--Increases soil digestion and fertility, which helps produce more healthy plants
--Increases microbial activity and the soil's organic matter
--Suppresses weed growth
--Changes soil so it will have fewer insect-pests
--Helps neutralize the soil's pH levels
--Decreases leaching of water, so the top layers of soil keep more moisture for the plants
There’s really never a bad time to condition your soil with compost. However, we recommend doing so before the planting season has begun if you plan to till or heavily mix into your garden. Top-dressing around plants is a good idea year-round. Our favorite time to add compost is after the planting season is over in late Fall or early Winter. This allows the microbial life in our products to benefit your soil throughout the off-season so you’ll be ready for Spring, Summer or Fall planting.
Think of it this way: When your lawn or garden needs more organic material to feed/invigorate plants and help them grow, add compost. When your lawn garden or lawn requires a change of grade or more bulk, add topsoil. In many cases you will want both products. Feel free to ask us questions about their usage.
Mulch provides numerous benefits to landscapes both from a visual and ecological standpoint.
--Mulch adds a beautiful “finished” look (and color) to planting beds.
--Mulching conserves water by reducing evaporation from soil simply because the mulch layer keeps moisture from escaping.
--Proper use of mulch prevents erosion of underlying soil. Finer-textured, shredded Mulch binds together and stays in place through
even severe rain events.
--Mulch moderates soil temperature by insulating the planting area and making it stay moist longer. This helps soil generally stays cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter.
--Mulch's coarse nature acts as a natural weed barrier by preventing weed seed from growing.
--Decomposed mulch adds beneficial organic matter to the planting bed. Microbes flourish in rich, organic soil which promotes healthy plants.
Mulch should be raked or “fluffed” periodically to prevent it from compacting and repelling rain. It's also a good idea to add more mulch to an existing area periodically to maintain both its thickness and color. For these reasons, we recommend refreshing a mulch bed at least once a year.
Absolutely! All our landscape products will not harm children or pets. Made from natural organic components, they do not contain any harsh chemicals or pesticides of any kind.

Pickup & Delivery Questions

Second Nature is strictly a manufacturing and delivery company. We do not install landscape products we sell at this time.
Yes, our minimum order for delivery is 4 cubic yards. However, that minimum can be achieved with ordering one or more product types. For example, you could order 2 cubic yards of soil and 2 cubic yards of mulch, which together total 4 cubic yards.
Never load more than what is reasonable or what your vehicle is specified to carry. Typically customers will use a truck to transport materials they buy from us. Most full-size pickups can handle up to 2 yards of compost, or 1 to 1.5 yards of soil product. The larger the truck bed, the more material can be hauled away. It’s always a good idea to bring a tarp to cover your load to avoid spillage issues during transport.
We do have shovels here at the soil yard which you can borrow (free of charge). However, since they can't go home with you, please make a plan about what tool(s) you'll need to get the materials out of your vehicle once you get to your destination. We do sell shovels if you need to purchase one; ask about availability before stopping by as they do sell out quickly!
For large orders of XXX cubic yards or more, we will be happy to move materials into your truck bed or trailer with our backhoe equipment .

Ask Us A Question

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