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Make your farm more profitable with Second Nature Compost+

With all inputs (including fertility) going sky high let us help you make your soil work for you. Get the most out of every acre. Compost+ improves soil, is super slow release, increases nutrient uptake, and can make any soil better.

Second Nature’s Compost+ rejuvenates soils that have been under plow or grazed for many years. Our Compost+ delivers a proprietary blend of organic matter and nutrients that can help reduce your annual fertilizer usage. We further enhance our Compost+ with a supplement designed to improve the exchange of nutrients from the soil to your plant’s roots. The addition of all-natural carbon based organic material to our compost helps condition your soil and can help your soil conserve water, which helps in drought years. We can assist you with suggested application rates, connect you to custom applicators, and offer delivery options based on your location. We also provide Special Bulk Pricing for our area Ag Producers. We want to help decrease your inputs and increase your yields with a slow release compost that provides the micronutrients your plants need, but that most synthetic fertilizers do not contain.  Quality, Consistency and Customer Service are our top three priorities, and our goal is to help you bring life back to your soil. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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